Live In the Seasons of Your Life

Find out why this is the last episode of the season!

In this podcast episode, we are talking about the seasons of your life.

Nature is a wonderful teacher about life. Leaves are falling and much of nature is going dormant. Come Springtime, we will see new life again. How naturally are you living your life? Are you realizing that there are seasons to your life too?

We talked about this in Episode 9 on the power of yes and no

I also talked about this in a blog post about mastering your time.

Where might there be some habits, people or activities that are weighing you down? Putting more energy into it won't help. Maybe they served you in the past, but the season is over. You sometimes need to cut it away to make room for a happier and healthier life.

Our life is precious, just like the season. Your time is finite. You can't have everything and you can't do everything. To truly thrive, you need to be deliberate about what you nurture and what you cut back. Have a vision of what you want your life to look like so that you can prune with purpose.

You can’t get Spring flowers in Winter. But you can plant your Spring flower bulbs. Similarly, realize what may not be possible because of the season you are in. Each season in nature has its comforts. Soon, we will be snuggling by fireside under cozy blankets. And before you know it, we will be wishing for warm sun and Spring days. In your life, be at peace with the season you are in. Make the best of it. Savor it. And make plans for when the next season comes.

If this topic is of interest to you, would definitely recommend the book Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud.

I will leave you today with one of his quotes.

“Being alive requires that we sometimes kill off things in which we were once invested, uproot what we previously nurtured, and tear down what we built for an earlier time.” - Dr. Henry Cloud

Necessary Endings.

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