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Let's Never "Diet" Again!

Welcome to Episode 003 of Motivating Mom. We hope you have enjoyed our first two episodes. Thank you so much for calling in with your questions! If you want to ask a question, go to FIT4MOM.COM/podcast and you can record your question from your phone or computer.

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Today, let's talk about food and dieting. Even though my company focuses on fitness, I believe in the power of food! You can't work off a bad diet.

Let me ask you a question. How much of your life have you been dieting? Be honest.

Most moms I know are on a constant ride on and off the diet roller coaster. The try the latest diet, fail, feel like a failure and then get on the next train.

How good would it feel to never diet again? I mean it? What if you ate to fuel your body and not to feel deprived?

Here's the problem with dieting. Let's say you are feeling over weight. Probably because of some bodacious bod you saw on tv. So you decide to go on a diet. Then you feel deprived so you break the diet. Now you feel like a failure and go on another one, only this time more extreme. The cycle goes on and on until you are on a cycle of disordered eating.

It breaks my heart because I have seen that every deprivation usually ends up in an equal and opposite overeat.

I would love for you to try on that mindset change. We do not want to raise another generation of dieters. Young children talk about feeling fat or needing to diet.

Society pressure is strong. So, we need to be stronger and model good healthy eating.

Think of one of those cool optical illusions. You know the ones, the ones where you see an old woman or a young woman. or a vase or two faces.

When you see the other image, it's not that the image has changed.

Your perception has changed. And that's what I'm hoping to inspire with your relationship with food.

Food is good.

Food has no power.

Food is fuel and can bring you vital health.

But why don't we do it?

Well, for one thing. We are a fast food, processed, packaged, food in a box society. Couple that with the extreme images of women in bikinis eating gigantic hamburgers.

Those artificial foods are not food. In fact they are chemical tornadoes designed to be cheap, last forever and to entice you to keep eating.

Real food doesn't do that. For one, real food goes bad. It's supposed to go bad.

For two, your body knows exactly what do to with real food. If you eat an apple, your body knows exactly how to digest it, how to absorb the nutrients and how to pass it through your digestive system.

If you eat that chemical creation, your body goes a bit haywire. The cells in your body don't know how to react to it nor how to use it in your body.

Here's an example. Sweet food should have calories. But if you drink a no calorie sweet soda, your metabolism doesn't know how to react to this sweet food that is calorie free. Your metabolism gets thrown off and then has trouble regulating appetite. Research has shown that people end up eating more calories after drinking beverages with sugar substitutes.

You will not feel a need to binge if you eat real foods. Think about it. Eat an apple or a banana. It's quite tasty. But then you are done. When was the last time you binged on apples or bananas? You won't. Your bodies instinct is correct when you provide it with real food.

We are living in a very strange time. What we call organic food, our grandparents just called food. We are allowing chemicals in to our foods that are proven to be harmful. We are allowing companies to create GMO foods and not label them. That's another whole show. I would like to bring on my friend Leah from Mamavation to tackle that one with us!

For now, my take away to you is to start replacing your packaged processed foods with whole real foods. Foods that don't need a box or a label. I'm talking about fruits, vegetables, fish, beans, meats. You don't need a fancy diet. There is no magic pill. You just need to eat real food.

For your kids, make whole foods readily available. Put our fruit and veggie trays. They will eat them. If we allow our kids to fill up on processed snacks like goldfish and crackers, they will and they won't eat a balanced diet. But if you make fresh foods available to them, you'll start to see how we all should eat.

My friend Carrie Chacon created an awesome product called Snac Cards. She realized kids don't care about carbohydrates or protein. But they do care about running fast, doing well in school or having energy to jump rope. Her flash card system teaches kids about Mover Foods, Energy Foods and Brain Foods. So, when my daughter tells me she doesn't like the chicken, I tell her to go find herself another muscle food. I don't second hand cook for her but she knows she can get some chicken or tuna out of the fridge.

Feeding my kids has been so much harder than I expected. My kids want the junk they see at school. I tell them I love them too much to feed it to them. However, I don't want them to feel so deprived that they sneak it or desire it even more. I allow them to eat those foods when they are served at a party or out of our house. most of the time, they feel sick afterwards. I'm hoping, really hoping that they realize soon how much better they feel when they eat clean.

My advice if you are pregnant, eat to fuel that growing baby. Your baby is getting everything you are getting and I'm guessing you don't want her made up of chemicals at birth.

If you have toddlers, feed them foods that will grow them. Well really that's my advice at every age. And for you.

It doesn't have to taste bad. You will acquire a taste for these cleaner foods when you get the junk out of your system. We have a great Facebook group called FIT4MOM Favorite Foods For Family.You can see great meals that moms are making for their families. It's been such a great resource!