Is Your Family Financially Fit (featuring Annie Fonte)?

Does money stress you out?

Are you overwhelmed by bills or just wishing you had more of it to do fun stuff?

We spend lots of energy focusing on parenting and life but rarely have the conversation flow about our cash flow.

Today, let’s learn how to be financially fit.

About Our Expert

Annie has a B.S. in Business Administration.

She spent six years in banking and commercial real estate working throughout the United States.

Annie then received her M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and worked for a venture backed start-up in the health care arena serving as the assistant to the President prior to becoming a department head.

Once the company went public Annie left corporate America once and for all to pursue her entrepreneurial ambitions.

She became the co-owner of a private practice sports medicine and wellness facility in San Diego, CA.

Shortly thereafter, Annie and her business partner co-founded a medical products development and research organization.

She was instrumental in the design and patenting of the OnTrack® treatment method used to remedy the most common knee disorder in the world.

Annie created and managed the manufacturing, warehousing and distribution of the product.

She recruited, trained and managed a nationwide sales force consisting of over 150 independent representatives in 39 states.

Annie then co-founded an international continuing education company whose purpose was to teach medical professionals throughout the world how to make available state-of-the-art medical treatment for the millions of people who suffer from patellofemoral dysfunction.

Along with her business partner Annie provided hundreds of educational seminars to thousands of medical providers throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe.

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