How to Kick Your Sugar Habit (featuring Mareya Ibrahim)

Hello! Welcome to the Motivating Mom podcast. I am your host Lisa Druxman and it is my hope to inspire you, motivate you and give you the support you need in your day. This is a special episode that is part of our That Mom series. What is That Mom you ask?

Well it started when my son Jacob was upset about me bringing healthy snacks to his game. “I don’t want you to be that mom” he said. Well I don’t want to be that mom either. So, I am wanting to educate you on why we all need to be that mom. I am interviewing some of my favorite mom food ambassadors. And my guest today I’m lucky enough to call my friend.

Mareya Ibrahim is known as “The Fit Foodie,” a nationally recognized food safety and clean eating expert, an award-winning entrepreneur, television chef, author and inventor. She is the CEO and founder of Grow Green Industries, INC. and the patented co-creator of the eatCleaner®, an all natural and organic products that help offer cleaner, safer, longer lasting produce. Her book “The Clean Eating Handbook” was released in May 2013 and is being touted as the ‘go-to’ guide for anyone looking to eat cleaner and get leaner. She is a contributor to “The Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life” by Rick Warren, Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mark Hyman. She is a featured chef on the Emmy-nominated cooking show Recipe Rehab.

Find out the answers..

  • Why are we so addicted to sugar?

  • Why do we need to be concerned about sugar?

  • Are all sugars bad?

  • Do we need to go cold turkey?

  • How does Mareya monitor your kids sugar intake?

  • How much sugar should we really eat?

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