Healthy Sleep for the Whole Family (featuring Janeen Hayward)

If it weren’t for sleep deprivation,

I think I would have kept having kids.

You can’t put a price on the value of sleep.

If you are at a stage for needing to get your babies or kids to sleep, then this is the episode for you.

We are going to talk about healthy sleep for the whole family.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Janeen

Janeen Hayward has been working with children and families since 1998.

Early in her career, Janeen provided play therapy to young children in school-based settings.

This experience solidified her passion for helping parents nurture healthy and happy children from the very start.

She earned her master's degree in clinical psychology in 2001 from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology.

Shortly thereafter Janeen pursued Gottman Educator training to expand her knowledge around supporting couples as they transition to parenthood.

In 2006 she founded swellbeing, a parenting consultancy that focuses on helping parents navigate the difficult terrain around sleep, as well as a host of other developmental issues including potty training, positive discipline and sibling preparation.

Outside of work, Janeen has the delight of raising two young daughters with her husband.