Happy Half Year: Resolution Follow-Up

Welcome to the MM podcast episode 35. I’m your host Lisa Druxman and it is my hope to give you the inspiration, motivation and strength you need in motherhood. This is my first podcast in about 5 weeks. Well hopefully you have not noticed that. I batched a bunch of episodes so I could take nearly 5 weeks off! I went to two conferences but I took 3 weeks totally unplugged. No email and no social media. Next week, I’m going to release an episode about how I did it, what I got out of it and how you might do something similar. But before it’s too late, I wanted to do an episode to check in on being half way through 2015! It’s already July at the time of this recording so I’m a bit late to the game in wishing you a happy half year!

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Happy Half Year! Well, it's actually almost 7 months in to 2015. Amazing right? It seems like just yesterday that we were watching that ball drop. Or if you are like me watching it at 9:00. Did you kick off the year feeling motivated, clear and inspired? Did you have resolutions set out? So, how are those resolutions going? If you're on track, please share how you are doing it. For many, we find ourselves off track, or maybe we forgot what we set out to do. Consider this your mid-year reminder and motivation so 2015 doesn’t become one of those years.

What did you set out to accomplish in 2015? Write down the goals (if you can remember them)

Are you on track? Or did you forget about your goals?

If you are not on track, what happened?

Are these things no longer important to you?

If you have set the same goal multiple times without achieving it, could it be that it’s just not important enough to you to make a change?

What obstacles got in your way? List them now.

How might you overcome those obstacles?

If you are off track because something in life changed, be ok with it. Regroup.

If so, might you consider a different goal?

Do you actually have a plan in place or are your goals just a wish?

Write down 5 - 10 reasons why you want to make a change.

Write down 5 - 10 things you want to change

Which changes would you be most passionate about?

Write down details of how you can make changes now.

When you will start?

What step will you take first?

What obstacles will you encounter? How will you overcome them?

Create a daily plan for how you will incorporate these changes.

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Thanks for joining me. And thanks for being a Motivating Mom!