Get Your Baby To Sleep (featuring Batya the Baby Coach)

Whoever coined the term sleeps like a baby certainly never had a baby.

Do you think that sleep deprivation is the hardest part of having a baby?

Are you exhausted?


Listen in today because you don’t have to walk through life as a mombie.

My guest today is going to help you regain control of your sleep and your life!

This is Motivating Mom.

About Batya

Batya Sherizen (aka Batya the Baby Coach) has been a child sleep coach for nearly 10 years now.

She helps tired, frustrated, yet loving parents regain control of their sleep and their lives by using her gentle, proven methods to help babies sleep -- and sleep FAST!

So if you're ready to be that thriving, shining parent again...then it's time to stop getting up night after endless night with your baby...and it's time to start LIVING YOUR LIFE.

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Free Baby Sleep Guide, "Don't Cry-it-Out" : BatyatheBabyCoach.com/MotivatingMom