Get It Together! Becoming a GITMom (featuring Eirene Heidelberger)

Are you over the parenting struggles?

Do you feel like you’ve lost yourself in motherhood?

Are you ready to “Get It Together”?

My guest today is a parenting expert who will empower you to be a mom without losing yourself.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Eirene

Eirene Heidelberger is a nationally-renowned parenting expert and founder of GIT Mom (Get It Together, Mom!). Through GIT Mom’s 7-step method, Eirene empowers mothers and mothers-to-be by teaching a “mom-first” parenting approach. She is the only parenting coach in the country who advocates parenting techniques that put the mother’s needs center stage.

The GIT Mom Method has been featured nationally on the Today Show, the popular Channel 5 Investigates on Chicago’s NBC 5, and Eirene has been a regular contributor to Chicago television morning show Fox 32 Chicago. Her funny, honest and straightforward approach shines through in her articles for Huffington Post Parenting and TODAY Parenting.

As a mom of three boys, Eirene has experienced the same overwhelm and anxiety most mothers first feel with their children. Her firsthand experiences inspired her to create GITmom which has been embraced by hundreds of moms around the world.

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