Creating a Mom-Owned Business

Hello! welcome to episode 15 of the Motivating Mom podcast. I’m changing up the format of today’s show. I have received so many questions about being a mompreneur that I decided to dedicate a whole show to your questions.

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Ok, let’s get to today’s show about being a mom in business.

Our first question is from Carey in Sacramento. She asks ”How do I get work done when my little ones are around? I don’t want to put them in full time childcare”


Our next question is from Maria. She asks what do I do when I want to throw in the towel?

  • What Jason always tells me

  • Failure is not an option

  • Why do you want to start your business

  • Tie in to the pain if you don’t have your business

  • Did you know that Mickey Mouse was only created after Walt Disney lost the rights to his pride-and-joy character, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit? Remember, Disney was the one who said, "If you can dream it, you can do it."

  • Did you know that Thomas Edison's light bulb failed some 2,000 times before he got one to work? When asked how many times he was going to fail, he responded, "I haven't failed! I've simply discovered another way not to invent the light bulb."

  • Did you know that Mary Kay Ash was told by her business consultants that her model would never work and that she should shut down before she went bankrupt? Her quote: "Every failure, obstacle or hardship is an opportunity in disguise. Success in many cases is failure turned inside out."

Stephanie in Chicago asks, what does a day in your life look like?

  • Changes depending on the season of your life and the season of your business

Brenda in San Diego asks, “I loved my career but don’t want to go back to work full time. I have zero interest in starting my own business. What options might I have?

  • More than 5.4 million mothers put their careers on hold to stay home with their children, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That adds up to a lot of talented women with experience, education, skills and the motivation to find flexible work that can be done from their home office.

  • Hire My Mom http://www.hiremymom.com

  • Mom Corp http://www.momcorps.com

I have received multiple questions on franchising so I am going to address the two most commonly asked questions.

The first question is whether to start your own business or become a franchisee.

  • Depends on your idea

  • Your personality

  • Your experience

The second question is whether to franchise your business.

  • Franchising is not for the faint of heart.

  • Goal is to protect the franchisee

  • Very expensive. Tons of legal costs. $50 - $150,000

  • Need to have a proven business model first.

  • Is it replicable or is it just successful because it’s your offering it?

But keep in mind, not all businesses are good models for franchising. Is yours? Here's what a good franchise should be:

  • Unique. It's hard to find a new franchise concept. If you have found one, ask yourself whether you're lucky or there's a reason that no one has wanted to do this before. Even if you're not first to market, how is your business different than the competition?

  • Teachable. Not all franchisees will be just like you. They will come with different experiences. Is your business teachable to anyone interested?

  • Not easily copied. Is your business special enough that someone will want to franchise it or would they rather do it on their own? If you have a service business, make sure the brand is desirable enough that people would want to go with you for that reason.

Sophia in San Diego posted this question on facebook. Time management...I have a good schedule down now but of course number 3 is coming any day now so I will need to re juggle it all. When is it ok to say "mommys working she can't play"...I think it's good for them to see that but also good to take the time to play. Balance for sure but Id love to hear your thoughts. Especially as someone like me just starting business.

Have a plan

Firm but flexible

Be true to your work

Here is another question from facebook. Brittnie 'Kagen' Harris How social media plays a role.... I understand the importance but feel like I 'get sucked in' a bit. Relating it back to the topic, how to balance my time with all of it - kids, business, marketing, healthy choices, and still have ME time! How much time does the average MOM spend on social media.... How much time do I need to spend on it.

  • Social media is a time sucker.

  • Go in, get it done and get out.

  • Have a purpose to your time.

  • Set at timer.

Sophia added to that question about feeling need to be everywhere.

  • Choose one that matches your audience

I had a column for years on entrepreneur.com for mom entrepreneurs. All of my articles can be found there and they cover everything from working at home to interviews with other mompreneurs. I will put a link in the show notes for you to check them out.


That’s all for today’s show. I have some great shows coming up. We will have an episode with Dr. Natalie Digate Muth, pediatrician and nutritionist. She is the authoer fo Eat Your Veggies and other mistakes parents make. And I am interviewing the amazing Chalene Johnson. She is going to talk about building confidence and so much more! Feel free to go to our facebook page or website to ask your questions for these great speakers!

I leave you today with this quote to all of you aspiring mom entrepreneurs…

“What if I fall? Oh but my darling, but what if you fly?