California Baby: Organic Skincare for Kids (featuring Jessica Iclisoy)

Do you trust the products that you put on your kids?

Jessica Iclisoy didn’t.

So she created what is now one of the most well respected brands in the baby product industry. California Baby.

Let’s learn about baby safe products and how she launched her mommy empire.

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About Jessica

Jessica Iclisoy, the founder and President of California Baby, a natural skincare line for babies, kids and adults.

Jessica built her now very recognizable business over the last 20 years from the ground up and her products are carried nationwide at huge stores like Whole Foods, Target and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

It was while pregnant with her first child more than two decades ago that she began a dive deep into research about how to live the healthiest, most natural life possible.

She changed everything from the foods she ate to the sheets on her bed, but it was after picking up a chemical dictionary at a library one day that her life changed.

She took it home and used it to research the ingredients in baby shampoo.

Shocked to discover carcinogens in a product for a newborn, she knew there had to be a better option.

When there wasn’t, she became obsessed with creating one. With no intention of starting a business but driven by an absolute determination to change the status quo, she found replacements for unsafe cleansing and fragrance ingredients and made what would be the first California Baby product—a calming, shampoo and body wash.


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