Being Mindful in The Motherhood

You have heard of childcare. Even eldercare, but how about mothercare?

My guest today guides new and veteran mothers alike through the best practices to care for themselves as they care for their children.

As a new mom, she would have described her entry to motherhood as a failure to thrive.

Her transition to maternal life was a messy, painful journey.

But she found that the birth of a mother deserves to be tended to in much the same way as the birth of a baby, with attention, devotion and the deepest kind of love.

This is The Empowered Mama Podcast.

Dayna M. Kurtz’s Favorite Quote: "In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves." - Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

If Dayna Kurtz was to get a tattoo with one word that she valued, what would it be? Perhaps the word "Atman," a Sanksrit word meaning "inner self" or "soul."

It's a reminder that we are something other than our work, our egos, our bodies. It's easy to get wrapped up in this transient elements, but they are just that--transient--whereas the "atman" is ever-lasting. There's comfort in that.

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