Beauty. Lifestyle. Motherhood. Meet Motivating Mom Amanda Muse

Motherhood. Beauty. Lifestyle.

Are you curious about how to bring these things together?

My guest today has an online show that shows her real life as a mom but also shares beauty and lifestyle tips.

Join us to learn how to she has built her mom vlog and how she brings motherhood, beauty and lifestyle together.

This is Motivating Mom.

About Amanda

Trailblazing the way as one of the original moms on YouTube as AmandaMuse, Amanda has created an incredibly engaged community online, both as viewers of AmandaMuse and within the YouTube community.

Amanda began her online journey while documenting her start to motherhood with her two children, while living as an expat in Malaysia.

Now living in the Toronto area, AmandaMuse has become a lifestyle brand, where Amanda shares her views on life and beauty on YouTube, traditional media, social media and her live online shows. Amanda embraces the highs and lows of life while showcasing optimistic authenticity in motherhood and womanhood.

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