What's the Best Gift You've Received as a New Mama?!

We want to hear from YOU!

When you became a new mom (or had your second, third....fifth, etc...little babe),

what's the BEST GIFT you've ever been given?!


Image via Unsplash

For example, for me, someone brought me my favorite sandwhich from my favorite local deli, and my mom sent me an Edible Arrangement. I was constantly starving as a new mom breastfeeding, and having a c-section, I was pretty immoble just coming home from the hospital (I couldn't drive). So those two things, on top of her doing my laundry and dishes, were my ultimate "new mom survivial must haves"!

So, we want to hear from can be something material or something sentimental....

Using your phone, film us a 10-20 video of what your favorite new mom gift has been (or one you've given!) Make sure to film horizontally for submisison to be considered.

Email clips to and email if you have any questions!