Want Another Reason to Exercise During Your Pregnancy?


Your baby could be born with a stronger heart!

We are so fortunate to be living in a time where research is available which supports that, not only is, exercise OK during is recommended! This is actually very new information. Just a generation ago, many women were treated as if their pregnant state was a state of disability. What we are enlightened now to know is that (a healthy) pregnancy is actually a "state of health" (Dr. James F. Clapp)

Knowing some of the amazing benefits for mom when fitness is added to a healthy pregnancy (possibly less incidence of gestational diabetes, high blood pressure and deep venous thrombosis), we now know the potential benefits for baby in utero.

Psychology Today reported the amazing benefits to baby's heart health when developing in an active mom. "...a new study has found that exercise during gestation significantly alters the vascular smooth muscle of an infant’s heart. (October 25, 2013 in the journal Experimental Physiology). The results of this study provide evidence that aerobic exercise during pregnancy literally programs the arteries of offspring to be more resilient and efficient. This programming has the potential to reduce susceptibility to cardiovascular disease for a lifespan".

In addition to exercise in a healthy pregnancy being so beneficial to mom, we can now rest on the knowledge that these sweet babies get heart benefits, as well. Keep moving, beautiful mamas (however that looks)...both you and baby will be grateful you did!

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