Transformation Tuesday: Candice with FIT4MOM Cedar Hill

Here at FIT4MOM, we are huge advocates for mental and physical wellness, which is the basis of what our programs were all founded upon. Body Back®, one of our postnatal programs, is a results-based workout designed for moms who are ready to take their fitness and vitality to the next level. In each Body Back® class, mamas not only get a high-intensity workout, but each instructor also focuses on mantras, positivity, acceptance, and mindfulness. While we typically focus on what's going on INSIDE rather than out, this is one Body Back transformation we just HAD to share!

Congratulations to Candice of FIT4MOM Cedar Hill on your incredible transformation, Mama! We are SO proud of you and so glad to have you part of the FIT4MOM fam!

Candice was part of her local Body Back program, which was 8 weeks long.


Candice's BODY BACK® STATS her instructors shared with us (thanks for letting us re-share, Candice!):


Weight = 11.1 lbs

Waist = 4.375 in.

Chest = 2.375 in.

Hips = 1.875 in.

Thigh = 2.25 in.

Total Inches Lost = 10.875 in.

Mile Run Change = -1min 17 sec.

Plank Change = +44 sec.

Avg. Body Change = -3.26%

Avg. Strength Change = +23.64%

For an overall percentage change of 53.04%

Candice is part of FIT4MOM Cedar Hill located in Texas. If that's near you, you can find more info here, or view below for their summer schedule:

PS - Their next 8-week BODY BACK® session begins September 2nd.

To find a Body Back® program or one of our other pre or postnatal classes near you, visit here for more info.