Top Tips for Busy Moms to Find Time to Exercise

As moms, we are responsible for so many things, and sometimes it's easy for our health and well-being to get left behind, especially with the chaos of the holiday season approaching. Don’t forget, though, that you are one of the most important primary role-models for your children. Focusing on your own health and wellness can often lead to improved health of your entire family. So when it feels like you are overwhelmed and too busy to workout, we hear you (the struggle is most definitely real). So. we've got you, Mama...

Photo by Ev @evstyle via Unsplash


Here are 5 simple ways you can carve out time for your workout:

1. Block Out Time

This seems simple, right? Just think about your week. Plan ahead. Pull out your weekly planner & set aside time for that important physical fitness. You need to keep that appointment with yourself just like you would with any other on your calendar. What days and times work for you?

2. Early Bird Gets The Worm

Even with our best intensions in mind – if we do not exercise first thing in the morning chances are we will find a reason to miss our daily workout. Lay out your clothes the night before and set your alarm clock one hour before your family wakes up. Whether it is 10 or 30 mins you will never regret working up a sweat before the rest of your family gets out of bed.

3. Bring Your Kids Along

Buy a jogging stroller and go for a walk or run with your kiddo in tow, or take them to your local FIT4MOM class. You can also get your family involved and have your kiddos workout with you. Join a family friendly fitness class or run club in your area and let your children see first hand that fitness is fun!

4. Extra-Curricular Kid Activities

Your kids are exercising in soccer, ballet or gymnastics classes...take advantage of this time & squeeze in a workout for yourself. Check out the facilities class schedule. Very often you will find an adult fitness class is offered at the same time.

5. Find A Workout Buddy Or A Supportive Community

Reach out to friends and find a workout buddy that will motivate you, support you, and hold you accountable. As moms we all have busy schedules and working out together is a great way to bond and spend time together while getting fit.