Snacks for all Brainkind

Sending your kids back to school in-person and need lunchbox ideas? Distance learning and need something your kiddos can grab-n-go? Looking for a healthier after school snack or have a picky eater at home?

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We know it can be tough to get your little one(s) to eat certain things, especially healthy snacks & meals -- we're right here with you. And some of the foods that bring on the toughest negotiations, like salmon & broccoli, are packed with the critical nutrients tiny humans' brains need for development (namely Omega-3s and choline!).

Brainiac® Kids was founded by two dads, who understand picky eaters and know how challenging it is getting kids to eat foods that are rich in nutrients for brain development, like salmon and broccoli. With the Brainiac® Kids line of yogurts and applesauce, every child can get the brain nutrition needed for their growing minds to thrive. Every snack is packed with omega-3s and choline is non-GMO and lower in sugar than the leading kids’ snacks, to help every kid reach their full potential.

We are partnering with Brainiac Kids this month, and they're offering our franchisees, instructors, home office employees, and your members 30% off their delicious Smart Squeezer Applesauce pouches with code "30FIT4MOM".

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Find their yogurts at a store near you.

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*Promo code applies to your first applesauce order only. This is a sponsored partnership with Brainiac Kids Foods.