Restorative Workout for Pregnancy, Stress Relief, or Unwinding before Bed

“A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten and the future worth living for.” – Author Unknown

Motherhood (and pregnancy) is a wild ride. Every day is different, new, and unexpected. We wish we could tell you exactly what to expect when you are expecting, but we can't; no one can. Every mother's journey is different, a fact that should be celebrated, rejoiced, and loved.

We can help you try to make your pregnancy (and motherhood) enjoyable. During the first trimester, you should be able to continue most of your normal, preferred activities at the duration and intensity as before becoming pregnant. But you should honor how you are feeling each day...Here is a super gentle way to get moving when you may not feel like it...

restorative workout

Some days you are going to feel like conquering the world and other days will be successful if you simply get out of bed. On either of those days, try these simple restorative exercises to help your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Outside of pregnancy, try these movements when you need a mental-break, have menstrual pain, or need to find some stress relief before bed.

The Exercises

  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Reverse Plank
  • Pyramid
  • Side Angle Stretch
  • Standing Figure 4 Stretch

Let's Get to It!

1. Seated Forward Fold

Sit with your legs in a relaxed state in front of you with your toes up to the sky. Walk your hands forward on your legs, trying to keep your back long. Think about rolling your shoulders into your back as you stretch the crown of your head towards your toes. Hold for 2 breath cycles before returning to the top. Repeat 4 times.

Seated Forward Fold prenatal exercise

2. Reverse Plank

Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent & heels connected to the ground. Place your hands behind your hips with your fingertips facing your hips - or slightly out. Squeeze your booty to lift your hips off of the ground, pressing your pelvic bones upwards. Focus on opening your chest by rolling your shoulders behind you. Hold for 2 breath cycles before lowering down. Repeat 4 times.

reverse plank prenatal exercuse

3. Pyramid

Stand with your right foot forward and left foot about 3 feet behind. Place your hands on your hips and tilt your body forward. Focus on pressing your hips behind you, while keeping your core engaged & back long. Keep your knee in alignment by looking at your toes. Hold for 2 breath cycles before returning to standing. Repeat four times on each side.

pyramid pose prenatal exercise

4. Side Angle Stretch

Start with your feet wider than your hips with your toes facing forward & your arms out at shoulder height. Rotate your right leg open and turn your right foot to the side. Bend your right knee & lower your right elbow to your thigh. Circle your left arm to stretch over your head, trying to create a straight line from fingertips to left foot. Hold for 2 breath cycles before returning to standing. Repeat four times on each side.

side angle stretch prenatal pose

5. Standing Figure 4 Stretch

While holding on to a chair or wall, lift your right leg off of the ground. Bend the knee, crossing the ankle over the left leg as you also bend the left knee to sit down into a squat-like position. From here, tilt your body forward, bringing your forehead towards the chair. Focus on lowering your hips down & back while pressing your right knee down to the ground to open the hip. Hold for 2 breath cycles before returning to standing. Repeat four times on each side.

standing figure 4 prenatal stretch

PS - If you're looking for a workout to do with your BFF, grab your best gal and check out this one here. More restorative workouts for all trimesters of pregnancy are coming soon!

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DISCLAIMER: The model featured above was beyond her first trimester, but was cleared to perform these moves throughout her second trimester by her doctor. This sequence is recommended for first trimester and early second trimester only. Always seek medical advice from your doctor before trying a new workout routine.