Restorative Workout for COVID-19 Stress Relief (First and Second Trimester Safe, Too!)

"Wellness is the complete integration of body, mind, and spirit - the realization that everything we do, think, feel, and believe has an effect on our state of well-being," says Greg Anderson, wellness author, and speaker.

At FIT4MOM, we believe wellness takes a multidisciplinary approach; it goes beyond numbers or checklists, calories, or a pant size. Being healthy is never about a number on a scale or the tag on your jeans. Wellness is a combination of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health, and if one is lacking, your overall well-being takes a toll.

Right now, we know the weight of the world is really stressful, and there is a lot of heightened anxiety in the air. Let's take a little mental break together (and by 'together,' we mean by social distancing and doing this from home, virtually). So, pause what you're doing, take a deep breath, and let this restorative workout help fill your self-TLC cup that is most likely feeling a bit empty right now.

*We originally created these exercises with our first and second-trimester mamas in mind, but the beauty of this workout is that it's also perfect if you're not pregnant and looking to add movement into your work-from-home or self-quarantine situation. It's a nice way to get your day started, take a break from the chaos of working + homeschooling, or unwind before bed. So, turn off the news, hide from your kids, or gather them up and do this restorative workout as a family..

The Exercises

  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Reverse Plank
  • Pyramid
  • Side Angle Stretch
  • Standing Figure 4 Stretch

Let's Get to It!

1. Front Stork

Start with your feet under your hips. Roll your shoulders back and stand tall. Lift your right heel off the ground, leaving your toes connected. Reach your arms out at shoulder height to the sides of the room. Once you feel you are balanced, lift your right knee up to your hip height. Breathe for 4 cycles, lower the knee, plant the feet, and switch sides.

prenatal restorative workout move

2. Thread the Needle

On your hands and knees, walk your right hand behind your left. Continue to walk your right hand to the left side of the room, allowing your torso to twist in that direction as well. Bend your left elbow to lower your right shoulder down to the ground with your right ear as well. Try to keep the weight even between both knees as you lower yourself down. Breathe for 4 cycles, straighten the left elbow to press yourself up, and return to all fours. Now, switch sides.

prenatal thread the needle

3. Down Dog

Start on your hands and knees. Spread your fingers apart, press through each fingertip, curl your toes under & lift your hips to the ceiling. Think about pressing your belly button to your thighs and lowering your heels towards the ground. Relax your head by shaking “yes” and “no” a few times. Breathe for four cycles before bending your knees and returning to the ground.

prenatal downward down

4. Bridge

Lay on your back with your knees bent and feet connected to the ground. Squeeze your booty to tilt your pelvic bones upwards. Now, lift your pelvic bones to the sky. Relax your rib cage towards the floor & squeeze your booty to keep your hips raised. Breathe for four cycles before releasing the squeeze and slowly rolling back down to the ground.

prenatal hip bridge

5. Happy Baby

As you are on the ground, hug your knees into your chest. Open your knees to the sides of the room, so your feet are still together. Using your hands (or two scarfs or towels), hold on to your big toes. Now, open your knees, so your heels are over your knees. Rock gently back and forth. Breathe for four cycles before returning your feet together & then knees to your chest.

prenatal happy baby

PS - If you're looking for another restorative workout to add to your self-isolation routine, click here.

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