Recharge Mama


1. Journal

Write it down. Get the crazy thoughts out of your head. Put the stress to paper and off of your mind.

2. Meal Prep

Once a week, twice a week. Chop and cook your meals ahead of time so you always have healthy food on hand.

3. Make an Adventure List

Every season, sit down and write a list of the adventures you seek. It can be as simple as watching the sunrise at least once in the next three months. Or maybe it's time to go for a camping trip with the family.

4. Date Yourself

What do you need? Treat yourself a bath, a pedicure or something that will make you feel good about YOU. Need to say no to girl's night or a BBQ, say no.

5. Unplug

Really though, ditch the computer and the phone every single day for a few minutes or hours, AND not when you are sleeping. Be with you and yours, not in your Instagram feed.

6. Have Faith in You and Your Village

We know mama, the motherhood is REAL. But if you are reading this, you care enough about your own health and that means you are doing a great job. This phase too shall pass, whatever it is. Take a breath and keep the faith.

You got this.