My Take On Mommy Juice

For a good portion of my life as a mom, I had wine as a nightly ritual. I looked forward to 5:00, and couldn't wait to pour some vino into a pretty goblet. It took the edge off. It smoothed out my night. It felt like the only thing I did for myself to relax after a busy day. I know I was not drinking alone. Many moms partake in the same ritual. In fact, you almost feel like the odd woman out if you turn down a glass of wine at a moms' night out.


Motherhood is stressful. Our days are stressful. We juggle so many tasks. But mama, think before you poor that next drink.

A glass of wine is not bad for you. It may even have some health benefits. However, that healthy dose is only 4 oz. Next time, check your pour -- it's probably 12oz. If you're at the point where you NEED that glass of wine at night, it's time to be cautious. Are you looking forward to it a little too much?

Why should you care? Here are 5 reasons to watch your wine intake:

1) Our kids are watching. What they see, they will do. Do we really want them thinking that wine is a necessary part of the evening ritual?

2) It's not good for your waistline. Besides the calories, wine temporarily keeps you from burning fat. Alcohol basically presses pause on your metabolism. Plus after some wine, you're more likely to lose will power and eat foods that do not support your healthy goals.

3) Excessive drinking can have a detrimental effect on fertility. And of course, we all know it can cause birth defects if you drink while pregnant.

4) Wine will mess with your much needed sleep. You might fall asleep faster, but alcohol disrupts your sleep patterns. You will wake up feeling groggier and less rested.

5) Wine is associated with many allergies. For me, wine causes terrible headaches. It's better when I drink wine without sulphites, but clearly my body is telling me that it isn't happy with that choice.

In the last 6 months, I have stopped drinking wine on week nights. Yes, I still drink on occasion and will partake with my friends on a moms' night out. It was hard at first, but that just confirmed that I needed to do it. I feel so much better! I sleep better, the "need" for my glass of wine has gone away and I'm making healthier choices. I now fill my pretty wine glass with sparkling water or kombucha so I still have a relaxing "ritual" to look forward to. It's been one of the best decisions I've made for my health. I toast to all of you!