Our favorite month of the year is here - MAY!

We adore springtime and its symbolism of new growth, new life and, of course, sunshine and beautiful weather...and it means Mother's Day is right around the corner!

Here at FIT4MOM, we believe mamas should be celebrated SO much more than just Mother's Day, so that's why we started #MONTHOFMAMA last year - to celebrate Mom all month long.

This year, we have been busy little elves working in our workshop to launch a brand-new prenatal and postpartum program, MamaWell...more news on that soon!

Let's get back to May, where we'll be celebrating YOU... we are so excited for our second annual #MONTHOFMAMA campaign, which kicked off April 30th (since May 1st is a Tuesday, we got the party started a day early).

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How #MONTHOFMAMA works this year:

We will be celebrating Mama all 5 weeks of May, and each week we will be asking you to share your unique stories of motherhood and celebrate moms you admire on Facebook and Instagram. We'll also be sharing a Month of Mama gift that you pay forward to another mom so stay tuned...

Week 1: Celebrating birth stories, childbirth, and postpartum experiences.

Week 2: Celebrating 'wise women' (women who have helped raise us, influence us, and teach us) and how they've impacted our motherhood.

Week 3: Moms we admire.

Week 4: Universal postpartum needs via Kimberly Johnson, author of The Fourth Trimester.

Week 5: The importance of community in motherhood.

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All content for Month of Mama will be found right here on our blog, on our Instagram, and on our Facebook.

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Be sure to tag us in your social posts if you're joining us for Month of Mama this year by using the hashtag #MONTHOFMAMA!

We'll also be encouraging you to share posts along with each week's theme using our #MomItForward campaign hashtag. We hope you share that mama love to others we admire and adore!

We're so grateful you're part of our FIT4MOM village, and so honored to be part of your journey through motherhood. Thank you for making our village the special, safe place it is. Community is what fuels motherhood, and each and every one of you are like family to us.