Moms, You Are Stronger Than You Think You Are!


Moms, do you see (REALLY see) your strength? Your power? The ABUNDANCE in your life? It's there...but where, you ask?

Your abundance is in your LEGS - Those strong pillars of muscle which connect you to earth and move you through your world with your children in tow. You squat, lunge, sit and stand with such grace and power each and every day. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your ARMS & SHOULDERS - Your "mom muscles" which hold and carry your beautiful babes. In your arms, they grow, wiggle and experience this beautiful life from the viewpoint you give them. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your CENTER - Your incredible core is the center of your power, your stability and your launching point. Your world is about physically reacting with your children (in fun and in safety) and your center provides the place where your strength stems from. See your strength now?

Your abundance is in your HEART - You feel so deeply. You absorb hurt and sadness. You create joy and light. You elevate spirits. You inspire laughter. You LOVE INFINITELY...How about that strength NOW?

The abundance in your life is ALREADY there. You simply need to look for it. Your strength, power and impact are incredible. My hope is that you see it now.

Please, go forth and BE AWESOME!

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