Moms, We Need Each Other!

After becoming a mom, many women feel as if they have to "go it alone"...

  • Like they should just know how to care for this baby.
  • Like they should just know how to juggle motherhood and self.
  • Like they should just know how to get out of the house with her baby and exercise.


While it is possible to move through your moments, your day or your week's not what we were meant to do. As women, we experience changing levels of hormones (oxytocin our LOVE hormone, specifically) when we are in connection with each other. We manage stress better with each other!

We also commit to change and/or habits with greater passion with each other by our side. With your friends by your side, you have the emotional support to stay on track.

Next time you find yourself saying your knee-jerk response : "NO" when someone asks to help you, to join you, to invite you...lean in and accept the connection.

We NEED each other to discover our strength in fitness, motherhood and life!