MOMPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT: MEET Zerina Hutchinson; OWNER OF FIT4MOM Willoughby-Mentor

When you have a strong village cheering you on, you can conquer anything, and this mama is a true testament to the love and support that FIT4MOM offers. Give a warm hello to the amazing Zerina Hutchinson, owner of FIT4MOM Willoughby-Mentor, OH, whose story will motivate you to pursue your dreams.

1. What inspired you to embark on the journey of owning a FIT4MOM franchise?

I was a FIT4MOM client for two years before the opportunity to buy a resale franchise came up. One year before the transfer date, I was in surgery to have a cancerous thyroid taken out. The love and support that I received from our village were tremendous. The other moms helped by bringing over dinner, helping me with babysitting (I had a 3-month-old at the time), and encouraged me to keep working toward recovery. My health was a top priority after that and I couldn’t have gotten to the point I am now without FIT4MOM, so it was a no-brainer that I was meant to take over the franchise and give back to so many other moms in the area.

2. How long have you owned your franchise?

7 months

3. What appealed to you about the opportunity of opening a FIT4MOM franchise?

Knowing that I could be a support system for so many mamas was important to me. I wanted to give back to the community, specifically in the health and wellness field, after experiencing my own health issues. This was the perfect opportunity! Helping fellow moms navigate through the motherhood journey is so rewarding.

4. How has motherhood helped you become a mompreneur?

PATIENCE! It taught me to be patient and to get out of my comfort zone to problem solve.


5. What did you do before becoming a FIT4MOM franchise owner?

I was a cake decorator! I owned an in-home bakery that focused on customized wedding and party cakes.

6. How has being a FIT4MOM franchise owner helped you achieve your life or career goals?

My two goals in life have become raising kind humans and helping others in some way. The way I see it, I get to do both. I wake up every morning and model self-love, compassion, and healthy habits for my littles. Then I go to work where I help mamas feel loved and valued and I provide them with the gift of health, community, and self-care. The great thing is that I get to achieve my goals and check them off all through FIT4MOM and what we have to offer.

7. How do your own values align with FIT4MOM?

Being a loving, inspirational, and inclusive person has always been a priority. FIT4MOM was the missing puzzle piece that fits perfectly into my life and how I choose to lead it, with love and kindness.


8. Where do you hold your classes? How can people sign up to take a class?

We hold classes at Chagrin River Park in Willoughby, Ohio, and Force Sports in Eastlake, Ohio. You can sign up for all our FIT4MOM classes at Your first class is always free!

9. Who are you a mom to?

I am a mom to Sofia, age 4.5, and Aydin, age 2.5.

10. What advice do you have for other mamas who want to be a mompreneur?

Do it and don’t look back! If there is a little voice in your head asking, “What if….”, that’s your sign to go out and get what you want!

To learn more about Zerina and to become a part of her village, visit FIT4MOM Willoughby-Mentor, OH, and be sure to follow FIT4MOM Willoughby-Mentor, OH on Instagram.

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