Let’s give a warm welcome to one of the amazing new mompreneurs in our village, Morgan, whose passion and warm heart have led her to open her arms to moms in West Columbia, SC. We are very excited to introduce you to this amazing mama for this month’s Mompreneur Spotlight and we encourage you to follow Morgan’s FIT4MOM journey!

1. What inspired you to embark on the journey of owning a FIT4MOM franchise?

I had my son in January 2020, right as the pandemic began to unfold. Transitioning into motherhood, during a world pandemic was tough. It felt a bit lonely and confusing. I was lucky enough to find FIT4MOM (Fort Mill, SC) in August of 2020, and it changed my life. The exercises got me interested, but the community within had me hooked. Motherhood went from being lonely to being surrounded by a village of other mamas who understood the ups and the downs of mom life. My love for FIT4MOM got me thinking that more moms NEED this village in their lives. So, FIT4MOM West Columbia was born! I am so excited to bring this community to other moms.

2. How long have you owned your franchise?

I signed my contract in June 2021!

3. What appealed to you about the opportunity of opening a FIT4MOM franchise?

I loved that I could bring this amazing community to more moms, but at the same time not lose out on being a mom myself. I love that my son gets to be a part of this journey with me, and not on the sidelines.

4. How has motherhood helped you become a mompreneur?

Motherhood has definitely made me more passionate and more determined, two great things to have as a mompreneur.

DSC_3703 - Morgan Blair (1).jpg

5. What did you do before becoming a FIT4MOM franchise owner?

I have been so blessed to be staying home with my son for the past 18 months, but before he was born I worked as a Nutrition Education Specialist for the Women, Infant, and Children Program for the state of SC for 3 years. This is where I really started finding my passion to work with moms and their children.

6. How has being a FIT4MOM franchise owner helped you achieve your life or career goals?

FIT4MOM franchise ownership allows me to put my two biggest passions together, being a mom and wellness. I have always struggled with wanting to share my passion for health and fitness, but without missing out on time with my son. This opportunity has allowed me to do both! I have been so blessed to not only find this opportunity but to call it my career.

7. How do your own values align with FIT4MOM?

I believe that there is strength and unity in motherhood. The saying, "there is no hood like motherhood," is so real, and only another mom can truly understand that. As mothers, we have an instant connection, because we understand the long nights, the short years, and the unsolicited opinions... It is truly a journey that takes a village, and I am so excited to be teamed up with FIT4MOM to create that village in Columbia, SC.

8. Where do you hold your classes? How can people sign up to take a class?

Our classes are held at Barr Road Sports Complex in Lexington, SC. You can sign up at

9. Who are you a mom to?

My little wild man, Samuel.

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10. What advice do you have for other mamas who want to be a mompreneur?

Go for it!

To learn about Morgan and how she’s changing lives one mama at a time, follow FIT4MOM West Columbia on Instagram. To try a class at her location, visit