Mommy Moves to Take With You While on Vacation

Who’s ready to travel? We know we are! After spending so much time at home, it’s only natural that you crave a much-needed vacation. There may be a lot of planning to take care of, from where to go and what to pack, but there’s one thing that we can help you scratch off your to-do list. Your WORKOUT! That’s right, our FIT4MOM team is here to guide you through a great HIIT workout that you can do with your BOB Gear Stroller when you're on the go.

Taking some time to add in a HIIT workout in your day will not only help speed up your metabolism but give you the energy that you need to keep moving all day with your kiddos. With this quick TRIP-HIIT workout, (yes, we made that up), your mind and body will feel great while on your vacation.

Start with a stretch

With your feet on the floor, knees and toes forward, and legs spread shoulder-width apart, begin rocking side-to-side to stretch out those tight muscles after a long car ride or flight, returning your body to that nice neutral position.

Using your BOB Gear Stroller, with the front lock on, put one leg in front of the other and bend both legs slightly. You’ll feel this amazing stretch through your calf muscles. It’s always important to start your workout with a nice stretch to get the blood flowing through your body.

Now let’s really get out the wiggles

With your Bob Gear Stroller, and the wrist strap securely around your preferred wrist, hold the handle of your stroller and start some lunge walks.

As you step forward, bend your front and back leg to feel your body warming up. If you’re looking for something more advanced, stretch out that back leg straight behind you as you stand up.

Who's ready to turn up the heat on this workout?

First and foremost, lock the front wheel of your stroller and get ready for some peek-a-boo squats. With your little(s) in their stroller, stand in front of them, with your feet apart, and squat. As you squat, put your hand over your face and when you stand up... PEEK-A-BOO! Trust us workouts are better when your kiddo can get some giggles in too!

Modify this squat sequence as much as you need, if you feel comfortable taking it up a level to a jump squat,mov do it, mama. If not that’s perfectly fine too.

Stay with this movement for 30 to 60 seconds, then give yourself time to recover.

Time to hit your upper body

Let’s take it down to a push-up position. This movement can be done on your knees or your toes, whatever serves you best. With a strong neutral spine, do a push-up and as you return to your starting position, give your little a tickle. Let those giggles motivate you to keep going for 30 to 60 seconds, you got this mama! Give yourself a rest.

Now for the last workout for this Trip-HIIT, let’s get ready for some abs! Core workouts look and feel different for every stage of motherhood, so you choose your challenge.

Lay on your back facing your stroller, and raise your heels to the front lip (about 90 degrees). One at a time, drop a heel and tap the base of your stroller. When you’re ready to progress, add a twist! You can even do this standing, the choice is yours!

Repeat these workouts 3 times throughout and that’s it… you have completed our workout on the go! This effective and time-efficient workout can be taken anywhere, anytime!

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