Mindfulness For Moms


For years, I have encouraged moms to meditate. I think I have been far more successful at getting women fit than I have at getting them to take the time for themselves for meditation. I believe so much in the power of meditation but for many of you it still seems like one more thing to do in an already busy life. So, today I'm trying a new suggestion. It's called mindfulness. Yes, I know your brain is already very full. But mindfulness is something different. Asian cultures use the same word for mind and heart. So maybe think of it as thinking with your heart.

Mindfulness can help you be more fully present, even in the most chaotic of times. How often are you truly mindful? Truly present in whatever action you are taking. Think about habits like brushing your teeth, making your coffee, emptying your dishwasher. We do this without even thinking about it. But maybe, we can use these moments as reminders to be present.

Mindfulness and meditation can be done on the move. Sitting down for a meditation is the foundation of the practice. It's actually more advanced to meditate during your daily life. But it is possible. Take a deep beautiful breath. Watch your chest as it naturally rises and falls. Consciously slow down your heart rate. Breathe in a smile. Breathe in peace. There, don't you feel better.

What would happen if you took a moment to do this whenever you felt caught up in the chaos of motherhood. What if you took a quick mom-me time out BEFORE you lose your temper? What if you grounded yourself to an intention when you feel a pit of stress in your belly? What if you used these stressful moments as gentle cues to find peace?

I've said it before and I will say it again. Meditation and mindfulness is not just for hippies and mystics. There is scientific evidence that it can change your brain. It can change your physiology. And the more you do it, the easier you can get in a mindful peaceful state. Being that most moms I know complain of chaos and stress, I believe this may be the best gift you can give yourself each day!