Manifest Your Goals and Dreams with This Vision Board Course

Journaling and meditation may be the new black of 2018, but did you know creating vision boards may have the same powerful effect of grounding and manifestation as gratitude practices or meditating?


It may be because I'm a millennial mama, but vision boarding has my heart - whether it's pinning quotes and outfits to a new Pinterest board, or cutting out photos from magazines and Mod Podge-ing them to a canvas, I do both, and swear by them. Creating a vision board can embody challenging small thoughts or actions, too - of the present or the future.

One example I swear by is when I got my first "career" job out of college. I got my bachelor's in hospitality, tourism, and event management, and we had some of the top event and hospitality recruiters come to our school. I remember Auberge and Hyatt closing their internship programs (yay for graduating in the peak of the recession in 2008-09), but Marriott Vacation Clubs came my senior year, and by the grace of recession Gods, they were still accepting students into entry-level hospitality hire positions throughout the US. My sophomore year my "Big" in my sorority convinced me to change my major from graphic design to hospitality, since, in her words, "It's the one profession you can do it all - design, marketing, creativity, events, etc!" She told me I was too "bubbly" to sit behind a desk all day. I went to a lecture hall and listened to a random presentation for seniors (as a sophomore - I was very focused on graduating with honors lol), and there was a woman from the Marriott there. She said if I stuck with hospitality, give her a call. I stuck her business card on my cork board in my sorority house, and didn't think much of it again....well, somehow that little card and cork board made it through two more moves and Chico State weekends, and fast-forward to senior year, interviewing with Marriott, and being recruited by a woman - THAT WOMAN ON THE BUSINESS CARD - and the next thing I knew, I was moving to Park City to work as an Activities Coordinator a week upon graduation. I found "the card" when I was packing to move and had NO idea it was the same woman I had met briefly sophomore year. Her name was Carrie, and that was my first sign of subliminal vision boarding where I really couldn't believe how crazy fate was. A little card sticking to a cork board for three years, where I didn't even realize I saw it every day - and poof. (and it was all totally unintentional, which is my favorite part).

"Vision boards are creative tools that assist (someone reach) personal and professional goals and (overcome) obstacles to success," states Andrea Holyfield, a counselor specializing in career counseling and women's empowerment (American Counseling Association, 2012).

Have you ever made a vision board? Ever had success with manifesting any of those dreams into reality?

According to Elizabeth Rider, a Huff Post Contributor, "Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. According to the popular book, The Secret, 'The law of attraction is forming your entire life experiences and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualizing, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe'" (Rider, 2018).

What I love most about the vision board process is that you don't have to be a super creative person to make one. You literally just have to make a simple collage made up of words, quotes, and photos that represent your dreams and goals. They can be personal goals, professional goals, or anything - the vision board world is your oyster. And guess what? We have the perfect course for you if you want to make one!

In a Forbes article, author Eilene Zimmerman states a "new study by TD Bank shows that small business owners use visualization — pictures and idea boards — to meet their entrepreneurial goals" (Zimmerman, 2016). Zimmerman also states the following:

"Millennials have grown up using images to tell the story of their lives, with digital technology and social platforms like YouTube and nearly 60% of them said they used a vision board when establishing their business; 89% used one when developing their business plan" (Zimmerman, 2018).

So, what the heck is the point of vision boards?!

In an article published by the American Counseling Association, counselor Andrea Holyfield says vision boards work because of the following:

  • Vision boards are empowering.
  • Vision boards are excellent visual reminders.
  • Vision boards change your thought process.

So, with all that, we are so excited to announce that our Founding Mama, Lisa Druxman, is hosting a vision board challenge, and you're invited to come join; lay out your dreams for 2019 and help bring them to reality. Learn how to create a vision board with intention and purpose...

By putting your goals and aspirations into a visual format, they can serve as a compass to your future accomplishments, so sign up below to join in on the fun!

Photo via Sarah Prout