Mama Be Well: Share the (Self) Love Challenge!

In February (and always) Mama needs some lovin'...and we don't mean from someone else. It's time for you to give yourself some self-love, self-care, and TLC! So, we created two weeks just for you, Mama. Where you can set intentions, journal, meditate, and check-in with your soul and your being each and every day. From February 1st through the 14th, we are challenging you to share the (self) love in our #mamabewell challenge. Right here in this post you will find a 2-week calendar we want you to print and fill out with a good 'ol fashioned pen. We're all about saving the trees, too, so if you want to save it on your phone and use your phone's notepad, to take notes + do journal entries, we encourage that, too. But if you want it on your office desk, your kitchen fridge, or on your bathroom mirror (seriously, tape it somewhere you'll see every morning and night!), print it and put it somewhere special.


Here's how it works:

Each day, you'll see the calendar has a little task. Seriously, even the busiest mama has time for each day's little "to-do." On top of each day's mini challenge, we also want you to be sure to check-in with your feelings, your heart, your body, and your soul, and the easiest way to do that is to journal. Each day we give you a prompt that will literally take two minutes max. If you already have a journal you're using for 2018, write it there. If you want to use a notepad, use it. If you want to type it each day on your computer or your phone, perfect. Just do the way that works easiest for you. We also hope you'll take even just 5 minutes a day to meditate. You can find some of our meditations here, or hop on YouTube and search something that calls to you. If meditating isn't for you, take 5 minutes each day to listen to a podcast. We just want you to get into the habit of carving out a few minutes each and every day for you. This builds a habit, and is basically a facial for your soul - having a routine as an adult nourishes your mental well-being and is shown to possibly help reduce fear, anxiety, and depression. Sign us up for that, even if it's the placebo effect.

Are you in?! Repost the photo below so we can see!


After you've completed each day's challenge, post a picture of it (or you) doing the little task listed. If it feels appropriate, share your journal entry. If you want to treat those like a diary, do that instead. For example, day 1 is "dive into a new book." Post a picture of the book you read, take a picture of a page that speaks to you, or screenshot what book you downloaded on Audible or Amazon. Is it The Empowered Mama by Lisa Druxman? Show us! Regardless of the book, we want to see you participating in #MamaBeWell so show us on Instagram and Facebook by using the hashtag #mamabewell from a public account and tagging us on Instagram at @FIT_4_MOM.

ANY QUESTIONS? Leave us a comment here and we'll answer!

Download your calendars below, starting with a 2-week checklist with what to do each day: and the weekly calendars with check-lists and mantras: