Letter to My Spouse

We're starting a Dear _______ letter series and kicking it off with this "Dear Husband" letter written by one of our San Diego Stroller Strides instructors and boss mamas, Natalie Schwartz.


After a long day of motherhood, especially the early days when we're in the trenches of stay-at-home mama life with an infant, it can be hard to express gratitude to those around us, specifically, our partners. As husband/partner and wife post-baby, it can be easy to disconnect. Through the sleepless nights, the meltdowns, the pulled hair, the spit-up, the blow-outs, the snuggles, and everything in between, we find ourselves in a bubble. A bubble of motherhood that is SO beautiful, yet so hard, so new, so vulerable.

If you've wanted to write a little love note to your spouse, but can't seem to find the time or the words, try this "Dear Husband" letter than can be sent to your other half for a sweet I LOVE YOU reminder. A reminder of gratitude, love, and thankfulness.