Jogging Stroller Safety with BOB

With summer in full effect, we know how nice it is to get up with the sun and sneak in a quick jog before it gets too hot, or how packing your BOB jogging stroller is a must when heading on vacation.


That being said, it's important to follow jogging stroller safety rules, especially when using your BOB stroller during any of our FIT4MOM programs like Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre, or Run Club. Our partner, BOB, shared these best-practices to keep your precious cargo safe and secure:

1. If mom or dad is running, baby should be visibly OLDER than 8 months old.

2. Never run with the stroller when an infant car seat is attached.

3. “Check the quick release lever before each stroller use to ensure the front wheel is properly secured.”

4. Always lock the front wheel when parent is running with stroller.

5. Child should always be harnessed into the seat.

6. No 2ndor 3rd child should be sitting in the foot well of the stroller.

7. Mom or dad should have the safety wrist strap on their wrist while running.

8. Infant car seat adapters should be removed when not being used with an infant car seat attached.

9. Child should not stand in stroller seat for fear of tip over.

10. Bags and hooks should not be hanging from the handlebar of the stroller for fear of tip-over.

11. When doing any barre type work, do not lean heavily on the handle of the stroller for fear of tip over.

When using any jogging stroller, remember to read the instruction manual and follow safety guidelines to ensure you and your littles safety!