Jogging Stroller Safety Tips with BOB Strollers

When it comes to jogging strollers, we know the choices can be overwhelming - which one is most functional for my family and me? Which one has the best safety features? Which one is easy to fold and store? Which one will get my little one(s) and me out onto trails and adventures with ease?

When it comes to safety and a jogging stroller that's functional and ready for off-trail and on-trail adventures, we trust our partner, BOB, wholeheartedly. That's why we met up with Melissa from BOB headquarters to bring you a few top safety tips direct from the experts:


So, as a recap:

1. Always check to make sure your front wheel is safe and secure

2. Make sure your front wheel is locked if you're running

2. Wear safety strap at all times

The stroller Melissa is demonstrating above is our BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Duallie Jogging Stroller in blue. It comes in a single and a double, which is called the "duallie," and you can buy them at various retailers and online, like Amazon! All BOB Stroller Strides Edition strollers come with a fitness kit including a handlebar console, resistance bands, a manual and a pass for a free week of FIT4MOM classes. Shop here for the single and here for the duallie.

When using any jogging stroller, remember to read the instruction manual and follow safety guidelines to ensure you and your littles safety!

Read more about jogging stroller safety here in this article we co-wrote with BOB.