I See Your Birth Plan, Birth Story, and Delivery, and I Respect and Celebrate It (Even If It's Totally Different Than Mine)


Photo by Patricia Prudente on Unsplash

I see your home-birth. I see your emergency C-section. I see your VBAC. I see your fears. I see your scheduled C-section. I see your adoption plan. I see your IVF needles. I see your tears. I see your epidural. I see your surrogate. I see your need for pain meds. I see your strength. I see your water-birth. I see you going all-natural. I see your motherhood.

I see you choosing to give birth in the way YOU choose (or what fate/medical reasons chose for you); the way that feels right for you, your family, and bringing new life into this world.

And, I respect you.

Because I see your version of motherhood and honor and celebrate your choice.

Because while there is no "right" way to be or become a mama, there is a way that feels right to you, to me, and to all of every other parent out there.

The beautiful thing about childbirth is that it's part of our path, part of our journey entering into mamahood; it's sacred, intimate, and personal. And that's what makes it so uniquely special, magical, and powerful.

So, Mama...

Here's to you, the power of personal choice and/or traditions based on your beliefs, traditions, and/or's to The Strength in Motherhood™.

Here's to respecting the sacred, magical, beautiful moments of bringing life into this world, in whatever way that means to you and your sweet family.

Cheers to motherhood.

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