Fresh Recipes + Wine Pairings

We all find joy (and survival) in the little things - whether it's coffee in the mornings, catching up on our DVR after bedtime, enjoying our favorite dessert, slaying a great workout, cooking a new recipe, finding solitude in a yoga class, or curling up at the end of the night with a glass of wine. With #MONTHOFMAMA, we've wanted you to find comfort in your pre-established routine(s), but also encourage you to try new things - new recipes, new workouts, new mindfulness tips, and find new connections with other mamas participating.

Here in our home-office area of San Diego, we are lucky to have so many fun, organic cafes with SO many healthy options. We wanted to bring a few of our favorite recipes from our tables to yours, and teamed up with GOODONYA Organic Cafe to make that happen. But, knowing how much our mamas also love wine and entertaining, we partnered with SECCO Wine Club to share wine pairings with each dish. So, Mama, we've got you the next time you want to host a night out with some California-style cuisine and a little mama juice. (Remember to enjoy responsibly, and we're also huge fans of iced tea, lemonade, and kombucha!)

we're bringing you a hands-on "how-to" with GOODONYA's owner, Kris, below

  • recipe-probiotic-salad.png
  • probiotic-salad-recipe.jpeg


  • 2 Handfuls of Mixed Greens [butter lettuce, baby kale, baby spinach]
  • 1 Hard Boiled Egg, Sliced in Half
  • 1/4 Avocado, Sliced or Cubed
  • 1/2 Persian Cucumber, Sliced
  • 6 Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced in Half
  • 2 Tablespoons Feta [Sheep + Goat Blend is our Fav]
  • About 8-10 Sunflower Sprouts
  • 1/4 Cup Fermented Carrot + Ginger Blend [which you can buy pre-made, make your own, or just use raw, shredded carrots]



  1. Add all salad ingredients into a large bowl.
  2. In a small bowl, mix together dressing ingredients.
  3. Toss dressing into salad bowl and coat evenly.
  4. Enjoy!
  • recipe-quesadilla.png
  • fresh-quesadilla-recipe.jpeg


  • 1 Large Spinach Tortilla, or Tortilla of Choice
  • 1/4 Cup Feta [Sheep + Goat Blend]
  • 1/4 Cup Mushrooms
  • 1/2 Cup Fresh Spinach


  1. In a skillet, add Chosen Foods avocado oil or grass-fed ghee or butter and warm.
  2. Slice mushrooms and add to pan. Season however you prefer [we love garlic + pink Himalayan sea salt + ground black pepper].
  3. Saute mushrooms until browned.
  4. On a plate, add tortilla.
  5. Layer cheese, fresh spinach, and mushrooms on half of the tortilla.
  6. Fold tortilla in half.
  7. Add stuffed tortilla to skillet and allow each side to turn light brown. Flip, repeat, and remove when cheese is melted to your desired warmth + consistency.
  8. Remove from heat and let rest for a couple minutes; slice, and serve!
  • recipe-summer-style-pizza.png
  • summer-style-pizza-recipe.jpeg



P.S. - This makes a TON! But you can keep as a sauce to put on everything, or freeze to use later; yes, it freezes well!

  • 3 Pounds Spinach
  • 1 Pound Basil
  • 1 Tablespoon Celtic Salt
  • 10 Garlic Cloves, Peeled
  • 2/3 Cup Olive Oil or Chosen Foods Avocado Oil [or enough to blend]
  • 1 Whole Lemon, Peeled and Seeded


  1. Put all in food processor and blend away.


  1. Add crust to oven and follow packaging to bake properly.
  2. When crust is fully cooked, spread an even layer of pesto on top.
  3. Top pesto with tomatoes and mozzarella.
  4. Optional, top with freshly ground black pepper.
  5. Slice, serve, and enjoy!
  • wine-pairings-via-secco-wine-club.png
  • summer-style-pizza-wine-pairing.jpeg






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