Empowered Mama Daily Gift: Creating Family Traditions

When it comes to family and creating memories, what are your favorite things to do? One thing that's for certain is there is no bond like a family bond, and there is no love like the warmth and comfort you get from relatives. Did you know research shows that creating family traditions are important in building strong family relationships between generations? (, 2017).

"Traditions are stories, beliefs, rituals and customs that are passed from one generation to the next", (, 2017) and there is no doubt they hold a special place in our hearts.

In our Founding Mama's book, The Empowered Mama, Lisa Druxman goes over tips and tricks to get mom out of the 24/7 chaos and back to feeling grounded and less overwhelmed, and one of them is based around creating family traditions.


All week long we're sharing a goodie bag of freebies out of The Empowered Mama, and today we're featuring 5 tips to help create family traditions.

"Some of our fondest childhood memories are born out of the traditions our parents upheld, and our children’s memories are likewise being made with every book, board game, road trip, or celebration. Traditions give us a shared identity. They strengthen our bond as a family unit. They create structure, stability, a sense of familiarity and safety, all things that are important for children, particularly young children. Traditions help us to nourish one another" (Eans, 2015).

There is even some suggestion that family traditions promote better emotional adjustment. Dr. Steven Wolin, a psychiatrist at the George Washington University says, "If you grow up in a family with strong rituals, you're more likely to be resilient as an adult'(Eans, 2015).

With that, all week Lisa Druxman, our Founding Mama at FIT4MOM, is gifting you freebies from her book, The Empowered Mama.

Here are Lisa's tips on creating family traditions, along with a printable for a family traditions exercise below: