Back to School, Back to You

Whether you're ready to get back to solo workouts, run errands without a million extra stops and distractions, or simply take work calls without interruption, "back to school" for the littles often means "back to you", Mama!

We know you're used to running at 1,000 MPH day in and day out, Mama. From the moment you wake up until the moment your head hits the pillow, someone needs something, someone needs YOU. Now that the big kids (and even those *little* big kids) are headed back to school, it's time to reclaim some "you time" and find yourself again... even if it's just for a few hours a few days a week.


There is a certain joy and simplicity to creating a schedule and holding yourself accountable. Whether you choose digital or a paper calendar, sit down each week and pencil in all pick-ups, drops offs, appointments, meetings, errands, workouts, and relaxation. Yep, we want you to block time on your calendar for the GOOD STUFF. Who wants to look at their calendar when it's filled the brim with things you "must do" and it's missing all the things that bring you joy?

Plus, when you block time for different tasks or sets of tasks, you can be more intentional with your time and prioritize what you want vs what you need. The website has a great article about why how to time block your schedule, different ways to do it, and why it's so effective.


Speaking of time blocking and calendars, now that you have some flexibility in your day to do something just. for. you... make sure you do something that brings you joy. Each and every day, find at least 15 minutes to do something for no reason other than the fact that it makes your soul sing. Meditation? A walk outside in the fresh air? A bubble bath? A focused stretch session? A NAP?! *gasp*

Whatever your heart and mind need to reset and keep producing that wonderful feel-good hormone oxytocin flowing... do that. If you need help figuring out what "that" is, there's a great journal on Amazon designed specifically to help you target what fills you with joy!


Random? Maybe. Extremely helpful? Definitely! While you're in the thick of meal planning and lunch box prepping, divvy up some healthy snacks and meals for yourself. As we head into the school year and you're swept into chaos as you find your "new normal", properly fueling the body can fall by the wayside. You may start grabbing breakfast or lunch at coffee shops and restaurants with girlfriends more, be out and about running errands, or be stuck at a desk deep in concentration. Without the constant snack reminders from your kids, it can be easy to forget to grab a snack for yourself! By prepping easy-to-grab, healthy snacks, you can set your week up for success! When we fill our bodies with the right fuel, we simply feel better and we can mom better.

Looking for recipe inspo? Check out our Nutrition and Recipe section for a ton of quick and easy ideas!

Bonus tip: find a FIT4MOM class near you and enjoy those kiddo-free classes (or hit up a stroller class and relish in the fact that you have total concentration on yourself 😉)!

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