At-Home Low Impact Workout (No Equipment + No Jumping!)

Looking for a high-intensity workout with low-impact moves? Get your body moving with this at-home workout designed specifically for mamas (because, #themotherhoodisreal when working out post-childbirth). You can modify each and every movement to meet you exactly where you are at physically; listen to your body and adapt as needed. This body-weight, no jumping workout focuses on exercises that will work your lower body - from your living room, your backyard, or your at-home gym space (it's also perfect if you have neighbors in a downstairs unit or a sleeping baby on a floor beneath you)

No equipment needed, and none of the movements involve high-impact, so, you won't wake a sleeping baby or bug your housemates or neighbs...whether you are looking for something low-impact due to injury, a slow-healing post-childbirth bod, or because you're wanting to keep noise levels down, get your heart rate up and sculpt your lower-body with this low-impact toning workout.

At-Home Low Impact Workout

The Exercises

  1. Repeater Knee
  2. Fast Feet Wide to Narrow
  3. Shuffle
  4. Reach High & Reach Low
  5. Squat & Power Knee

Let's Get to It!


1. Repeater Knee

Plant your right foot and extend your left leg behind you with your foot on the ground. Bend your right knee, hinge your torso slightly forward, and get weight off of your left foot. Drive your left knee in towards your chest & back out behind your to tap the ground. Repeat this knee pull as fast as you can, while pumping your arms as if you were running. Try to keep all of your weight in your front bent leg. Do each leg for 1 minute.


2. Fast Feet Wide to Narrow

Start with your feet wider than your hips. Run your feet as fast as you can as you count to 8. As your feet are running, move them closer together to be under your hips and stay there as you count to 8. Run your feet back out wide, and repeat this process for the full minute. Repeat this for 1 minute.


3. Shuffle

With your feet together, bend your knees into a squat position. Start stepping to the right twice & ending with your left foot tapping behind you. Then, step to the left twice ending with your right foot tapping behind you. Begin to make the side stepping more of a quick change of the feet, or a shuffle. Repeat this for 1 minute.


4. Reach High, Reach Low

Start with your feet together. Tap your right foot out to the side while your right hand reaches up. Switch so your left foot is tapped out to the side & reach your left hand down to the ground, while keeping your back flat & booty sticking out behind you. Switch back & forth for 1 minute before switching sides.


5. Squat & Power Knee

With your feet hips distance apart, bend your knees sinking your weight into your heels. Press through your heels to stand up while lifting your right knee towards your chest. Lower the right foot down as you return to your squat. This time as you stand, lift your left knee instead. As you continue this motion, put your effort into the knee lift so that you are lifting with energy! Continue to alternate your knee lifts for 1 minute.

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