Are you an exhausted mom?


If you follow our blog or posts, you know that we are always sending out tips and suggestions to give you the "strength for motherhood". We want you to know though that we are real moms, who get exhausted just like you! When you see images and posts of moms with super organizational skills, six pack abs and a baby to boot, it can make you feel a little deflated. When I look at the recipes and projects on Pinterest, I wonder does anyone really do all of this? How are they able to juggle so much with a smile? They probably don't. We are all works in progress with the intention and efforts towards staying on top of it. If you feel absolutely exhausted when your head hits the pillow, you are not alone. If you feel mentally and physically drained by 3:00, you are not alone. FACT: Motherhood is hard work! No doubt about it. Just realize that if you are burning the candle at both ends, it will go out fast. This simple blog post is just a shout out to acknowledge all that you do as a mom and to remind you to carve out some time for yourself to recharge. We are a village of moms and we can support each other so much more when we admit the challenges, share the successes and stick together.