5 Ways To Manage Mama Stress

What is balance? A dirty word. So let's drop it. Stress is real mama, but let's talk about a few ways to combat it and stop talking about that naughty B word. You have enough to manage between work, errands, getting a child dressed and fed, all of the things.

Okay, we are going to let go of trying to find balance, but we are going to get in front of stress before it can really affect us. Practice these 5 simple things starting right now to manage and even prevent stress from taking over your day.


1. Meditate or simply sit with yourself, by yourself, every single day.

Be it 5, 10, or 20 minutes, give yourself the gift of being alone just once everyday.

2. Try to find gratitude every day. It is good for you and your health.

Some even keep a graditude journal and write down one thing every day that makes them smile and proud. (Try it, it is way more powerful than you could ever imagine.)

3. When things get real, soothe yourself with scent.

We know, it sounds so very hippie of us. But, aromatherapy has been proven to reduce stress. Keep some wonderful smelling oils in your purse, your car and at your desk. One little spritz or sniff and you are in a whole new world.

4. "Take 10".

Most of our stress comes from the chaos that is inherent in our busy lives. Try to take 10 minutes of every day to decompress. We know you feel like you don't have time for this but it truly works. Sit on the couch and read a book, go for a walk or take a quick bath.

5. Say No.

We are stressed when we take on too much and I'm the queen of that. Realize that every time you say YES to something, you are saying NO to something else in your life as your days were already filled. What are you willing to give up? If you say no to more, you have the opportunity to build some margin in to your day.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom. Choose to react differently to stressful stimuli. Choose happiness. Choose to go slower. Choose to roll with it. Choose to not get offended. Choose to hug more, stress less and be happy.