5 Ways To Make an Overwhelmed Mom Happy This Holiday Season

Around here we like to say, #themotherhoodisreal. And that applies to all moms: working, stay-at-moms, part-time side-hustlin' mamas, all the moms. There is no easy route of motherhood, the guilt is there, the time goes too fast and it is also the most valuable thing you own. So, as one of those full-time working mamas, I wanted to share a few tips I have for you to love on a working mother you may know. Well, these are at least the wishes that I have this year.

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In no certain order, here is how you can make my holiday as a full-time working mama a little better this year. Though, I think all moms would actually appreciate this list.



1. Recognize that Presence is a Present

Can we all agree to be adults and just spend time together? We’re too old to worry about exchanging gifts. Life is expensive and all I really want is time with the ones I really love. Fact: My best girlfriends and I are having brunch together this year instead of exchanging gifts. I am stupid excited to see them.

2. Keep Things REALLY Simple In the Presents You Give My Children

While I realize it is the job of the grandparents to spoil my kids, I really would love if everyone else just kept things very simple. I LOVE THAT YOU LOVE MY KIDS! But again, they want TIME with you. Your presence with them really is a present! Come over for dinner, spend the day with them. If you want to buy them a present, make it a book you love and we can think of you every time we read it.

Oh, and vice verse, grandparents please be okay with simply a photo book of my amazingly beautiful children every year, and that is it. :)

3. Give ME Time with My Hubs

Are you sensing a theme here? TIME, TIME IS A GIFT!

I would like a date night with my husband, and I would like YOU to watch my kids, overnight, so we can sleep in. If you want to throw in a gift card to our favorite restaurant, by all means. But really, just watch my kids.

4. Honey Take Me Out On A Date

My husband and I like to keep things simple when it comes to gifts for each other. Golf is actually his love language, so I try to join him out on the course for dates. Feeding me (and attention) is my love language. Presents are nice, but, I just want to go to dinner with my handsome and sleep in.

5. Say No To Parties (and be okay if I do not attend your holiday party)

We literally had 3 parties last Saturday night, we went to one for about 30 minutes because we were so, so tired. My husband and I both work quite a bit, so our time with our two boys is really precious. I forget to RSVP for things, I ghost out the backdoor from parties, and have to just say no to a lot. Please, please never take this personally. It really is not you, it's me.

Say no to the parties you really just do not want to be at, and feel NO guilt as a result. If you are making a decision that is best for your family, that decision is always BEST.


Time is the gift I want most this holiday season. As I have some time off from work, I want to soak up as much time with my growing-way-too-fast little boys as possible. Spend time with those you love, and keep things simple.