5 Healthy Recipes You Need in Your Life

We absolutely adore Amie Valpone, founder of, and award-winning author of Eating Clean, a 21-Day Plan to Detox, Fight Inflammation, and Reset your Body. Her recipes are delish, super healthy, and she's a gem. Amie has been featured on platforms like Food Network, Cooking Light, GLAMOUR, SHAPE, Fitness Magazine, and more, so you can be sure each and every one of her recipes will be a hit, from her kitchen to yours...


Each week, we're going to be featuring a handful of our favorite recipes Amie's cooked up, and today, we're sharing 5 of her healthy lunch + dinner recipes. With Valentine's Day come and gone, we're all experiencing chocolate with drawls and the sugar shakes this week, so reset your body [and your mind] with these meal options the whole family will love [and you need in your life, like, yesterday...]