20 Minute Do Anywhere Workout (Stroller and Babes Optional)

Life is busy. You cannot always make it to Stroller Strides, and some of us mamas are lucky to have brushed our teeth today. Bonus if you brushed your hair! Well throw up a messy mama bun, pack up the babes in the stroller and hit the pavement just for 20 minutes today.

Babes are optional for this workout, sweat is a must.



- Do a quick 5-minute warmup, as simple as walking

- Set a timer for 20 minutes

- 1. Pick the pace up to a brisk walk or jog for two minutes

- 2. Push the stroller as you do 20 walking lunges (10 each leg)

- 3. Park the stroller (somewhere safe), get in front of the babe(s) and complete 10 push-ups from your toes or KNEES are totally great!

- 4. Repeat circuit until your timer is up!

- 5. Walk, stretch, smile, you did it. You got a workout and the babe(s) got fresh air.

How amazing are you?