10 minute Sanity Workout: BACK to YOU during the Holidays

Take a timeout amidst the holiday hustle and bustle and take care of YOU, mama with this short 10 minute workout.

Warm Up

  • One minute of jumping jacks
  • One minute of fast feet



  • Cardio: Butt Kicker Run or Walk (get your heels to your rear every time)
  • Strength: Push-Ups (start in your most challenging position, then modify as needed) or a Chest Press with a tube
  • Core: Plie Punches (Get into a plie squat and then punch across the chest, rotating from the ribcage with hips square to the front)
  • Cardio: Jump Squats or fast, low impact squats (keep your knees soft at the top of the squat)
  • Strength: Tricep Dips (start in your most challenging position, then modify as needed) or Tricep Kickbacks standing on your tube
  • Core: Oblique Crunches (get into a crunch position and alternate a diagonal crunch, bringing shoulder across the body toward the opposite knee. Draw in and brace your core as you crunch)

2 minute Stretch and Cool Down

Stretch your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Now take a deep breath, and stretch your biceps and triceps. Finish this 10 minute Sanity Workout with 3 deep breaths. With each breath take in love, light and energy to truly ENJOY this day!