10 Hacks to Get More Time in Your Day

We know mama, you need more time in your day. You keep hearing that the days are long but the years are short, and THEY ARE, but a few more hours for you would be nice. Today, we are going to find you some time.

First you have to sort out what you want or need from that extra time. What will you do with extra time? Do you need to simply feel less rushed, busy and overwhelmed? Most moms are packed from sun up to sun down. Busy with the house, the babe, the carpool and work. It is crazy, chaotic, endless and suddenly time for a glass of wine (or kombucha in a wine glass) and praying that your babe(s) will sleep through the night. Are we right?

Without further adieu, here are our Top 10 Tips to Creating More Time in Your Day


1. Take a Mama Timeout Every SINGLE DAY

Sounds crazy! Impossible even. But really, we want you to take a time out every day. Take 10 minutes to do nothing. Just relax. Recharge. There is something about slowing down that will also slow time. We find our best timeouts to occur before the whole family is awake, after they fall asleep, during nap time, or in the afternoon when our partner or loved one can take charge for just 10 minutes!

2. Batch

Batch? Yes, batch! Think about ways you can turn tasks into an assembly line. Think about what you need to do for the week. It is much more efficient to run all errands on one day for example than one a day. Batch your time on the computer, doing paperwork, etc. And of course batch cook all of your meals for the week ONCE a week!

3. Delegate

You do not need a personal assistant to delegate. Assign tasks to your partner and ask your loved ones for meaningful help. If your kids are older, give them a to-do list.

4. Hire and Ask For Help

How about hiring a mama helper who simply acts as a babe wrangler while you hustle on whatever is you need to hustle on for the day? Think about it, let’s say a babysitter costs $15 an hour, and you just need two hours to work on something great. Would $30 be worth your time? If you are working and need support ask your local mamas about a nanny share!

Grandparents or relatives in town? Ask them for AN hour a week, just one hour so you can do YOU.

5. Go on a TV Diet

Ok, you do not have to cut out Netflix altogether. But cut out one show per week and you just found 4 hours a month! 4 hours you could spend working out, reading, or SLEEPING.

6. Go on a Digital Diet

Cut back on all email and social media. Turn off notifications which will distract you. And designate hours during the day you are reachable via email and social. When those hours are up, you sign-off.

Bonus tip: Spend an entire weekend off the grid, no social media, no internet. It will set you free.

7. Fill Gap Time with Purposeful Time

You know that seemingly wasted time when you are waiting for your car to get washed or waiting in line? Do not go to the doctor without bringing something to do in the waiting room. You can use this time to make phone calls, answer emails and catch up on or rewrite to-do lists. In traffic? Podcasts. Commuting? Podcasts. Keep a meaningful book in your car and read it while you are waiting for life to happen.

8. Lean on Your Mama Village

But really, no one understands mamas needs like mama themselves. Surround yourself with other moms who can help you answer the sleep, poop and sex questions. And, ask them for help if you need it. If a mom offers to take the babe for an hour for you to sleep, let her! If she offers to feed you a meal, let mama nourish you! Tell your village when you need help, they will take care of you without fail.

9. Give Yourself a Time Limit

Work expands to the time you give it. Set a timer and tell yourself that a task has to be done in that time. Clean up the house, 15 minutes, go! Sounds silly, but it totally works.

10. Identify Your Most Productive Time

We are all wired to have a most productive time. For some, it is first thing in the morning, and by 4pm they are rendered useless. Be aware of your most productive time and BATCH your work time accordingly.


Our time is finite. We all have the same hours in the day. How you use those hours is a choice. You choose the most important things you want for your life. Fit in the rest around your priorities. Follow these simple tips and I promise you more time in your day!