The Evolution of a Fit4Mom Instructor

I am truly amazed by the incredible women I have been able to meet simply by choosing to work in the fitness field. As an instructor for Fit4Mom, I have found something incredible. I have found a union in motherhood, in shared experiences and feelings. It's always been so much more to me than just a fitness program.

I started off myself as a mom just wanting to workout with her baby...actually, it was more just get out with her baby. I pretty much would have done anything! I felt so lost with the birth of my first child. I had been so outgoing and social and now, well...I felt out of place. I was embarrassed by my body. I was ashamed for being embarrassed about my body when I had this beautiful new baby. I just felt...not like myself. Stroller strides changed it all for me. The women! - we all were going through the same stuff! Different but the same. I found my village!

I continued teaching Stroller Strides for 4 years and then took a break with the birth of my second child. After my second child got older, I decided to check out this new (i.e. new at that time) program Fit4Mom added called Body Back. And then I saw the time - 5:30 a.m.! What?! But then I remembered how I used to get up at 3 a.m....and 4 a.m.....and....well, you get the idea. I knew I could do it so I did.

But this time was a bit different. My body was different. I felt like I had so far to go. Yes. It was different. I was no longer that younger 30-something year old with one child. I was now that older 30-something year old with two kids. My body had been through a bit more. I had not taken care of myself the way I wanted to between my children. I felt...somewhat hopeless... But I made a decision that I would no longer feel that way. I dedicated every day to thoughtfulness. I opened my heart and ears to the love, advice and empowering support of these women all around me. I made the decision to accept help. I became more and more involved in Body Back, more active and more thoughtful and eventually, I was back! Yea, yea - my body was back. But more importantly - ME! I was back! It happened again! I had found my village!

So now here I find myself, waking each morning to probably 1-2 hours less sleep then I should have gotten. Just like you. I brush my teeth and pull back my hair and give out a big shake-it-off yawn. Even though my mind begs for me just to roll back into bed, I know I'm heading off motivate, uplift and empower my village. And they will do the same for me.