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Stroller Moms Unite...and Support Each Other!

  • "We need to have somewhere to go".
  • "We need to flee the isolation that our own four walls can hold. Sometimes being in a room full of children can be very….lonely".
  • "We need to be acknowledged, to be seen, to interact with other adults".
  • "I know you. I see you. I am you".

These statements from a great article, "The Secret Society of Stroller Moms", by mom blogger, Kim Simon, hit me right in the heart. For the last almost 15 years, we, at FIT4MOM, have been all about giving women the strength for motherhood. However, in many of the moms I have met in life I have seen the lonely eyes. The down-turned head as she strolls by. The doubting energy as she walks through the grocery store. The insecurity about how she is parenting. It's pervasive and she needs to know that she is not alone.

Simon so beautifully writes, "We pass on the sidewalk, exchanging pleasantries in secret code. “Your baby, she’s so cute! How old is she?” I’m so tired, am I the only mom who can’t seem to catch up? How do you look so put together? It’s what is unspoken that connects us".

What ALL moms need to know is that the unspoken can, and needs, to be spoken. We NEED each other. We NEED connection. We NEED a safe place to be. A safe place to cry. A safe place to leak (I said it). A safe place to land.

Simon adds, "We are walking together, though we started out alone. We are weary and a little afraid, but we are moving. We keep walking. We keep waking up, and bundling up, and getting out. If only to get a cup of coffee. If only to feel the sunshine that peeks through the clouds. If only to show our babies that we are a valuable part of this world, that we matter, that sometimes it’s important to stretch your muscles and stretch your radius and stretch your comfort zone".

YOU are a valuable part of this world and YOU MATTER. Find your village of stroller moms, ladies. Your connection can change your day, your life and the world. When we band together to live as a community, our strength can, and will, astound us.

I know you. I see you. I am you.

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