Spice Up Your Holidays

Roasts, stews, tamales, yams, pies, doughnuts, nogs. Holiday foods are cooking, and their fragrant smells include the spices near to our hearts here at New Chapter: Cinnamon, Ginger, and Turmeric. Cultures from around the world have loved these spices for centuries—using them for seasoning, for inspiring, for enjoying, even for bartering. Spices tend to have long, colorful histories!

Take Cinnamon, for example. From fragrant apple pie to spiced lamb shanks, from Mexican hot chocolate to crunchy granola, Cinnamon is a culinary superstar. It’s played a key role in trade, with Cinnamon imports recorded in Egypt as far back as 2000 BCE. At one time, Cinnamon was even more valuable than gold! Nowadays, New Chapter travels the globe to find the perfect Cinnamon for our Cinnamon Force™. In fact, we use two types of Cinnamon… and for each we deliver two kinds of extracts to offer this spice’s full symphony of compounds.

And then there’s Turmeric. There’s so much to love about this richly hued but humble-looking root. Turmeric’s distinctive saffron color and earthy taste give many curries, pickles, and condiments their sunny color and complex character. From the ancient system of Ayurveda to hundreds of modern scientific studies, Turmeric is renowned for its unique compounds and many benefits. Turmeric Force™ delivers the King of Herbs, one of New Chapter’s favorites, and is in a liquid vegetarian capsule that lets you see the fresh, brilliant color of the Turmeric.

All of us at New Chapter wish our friends at FIT4MOM a healthy, happy holiday season—and a fantastic new year ahead!

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