Redefining "Reality" in Motherhood

“You will always define events in a manner which will validate your agreement with reality.” ~ Steve Marabol

As you may or may not know, several of our FIT4MOM corporate team members and franchisees recently ran a race called Ragnar. It's a 200 mile relay which started in Huntington Beach, CA and finished in San Diego. It took place over roughly 36 consecutive hours and, as you might imagine, was quite challenging. It was a team builder, charity event and really fun...it also gave me a HUGE opportunity to see a new reality.

As I was running my last leg; 8.7 miles in the heat of the day, on one of the toughest of my courses, I met "Sandra". I found myself getting closer and closer to this runner in front of me and as I got to her side, she started to walk. She smiled at me, I was feeling sorry for myself and I slowed to a walk, as well. We started to chat...

Sandra: "I am running for 2 minutes and then walking for 2 minutes"

Me: "Sounds like a great plan"!

Sandra: "Ya, I fell last night during my last run and split my knee open, so I don't want to push myself"

Me: "That makes sense. I am so sorry you hurt yourself. I feel your pain, I have been really sick for the last 2 weeks and am really feeling depleted right now".

Sandra: "I know what you mean...(wait for it)...I have pancreatic cancer and my daily radiation treatments are really wiping me out".

Me: ______________ (I have no words)

I was on my longest leg, depleted, frustrated and feeling very sorry for myself...then the universe delivered "Sandra".

So many times, we create a "reality" that is simply a story we tell ourselves. We say it (or think it) so often that we believe it to be true. However, it may NOT be the truth. Moms, I KNOW motherhood can be VERY challenging: lack of sleep, your healing and changing body, figuring out parenting, navigating relationship shifts, finding time for yourself (what's that?!?), etc. The list goes on and on! You feel out of control. Like your story is being written by everyone else. BUT, that's not the case.

Your story is yours to OWN.

So what is your perspective? What do you choose to believe about yourself and your journey? It took a long road and a beautiful soul to shift my reality in that moment. Are you ready to shift yours?

You are an incredible being, with incredible strength, raising incredible people. CHOOSE light. CHOOSE strength. CHOOSE beauty. CHOOSE love...especially for yourself.