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Put YOU First and Be Part of our #F4MMarathon

Do you put YOU first? Do you think that sounds selfish? We don’t! Most moms put themselves last on the priority list. There’s just not enough time, so you surely can’t make health a priority. It would be selfish of you to care for yourself, right? Wrong! Chances are that you are the back bone of your family. There’s no cheating in health. You can’t postpone it. It happens now. The longer you go without taking care of yourself, the longer and more severe the consequences can be. It’s a lot easier to get a few walks in a week than to be going to the doctor frequently due to illness.

This is why at FIT4MOM we are excited to bring you the FIT4MOM Virtual Marathon this month. We want you to take care of YOU, so by helping to give you goals, motivation, and a way to get out and move, then we are doing what we hope and we know YOU can do this!

Take care of YOU this month and every month, every day, every second. You get one chance, right? Take those challenges and get moving, and if you already are, then keep going because you are doing great.

You can still join in on the fun, motivation, and prizes! There is still time to reach a goal of 26.2 miles whether you walk, run, or bike....do it by yourself, with a partner, your child, or your FIT4MOM Village.

We are giving away TWO Bob Stroller Strides Single Strollers next week

And, with every step you take, while taking care of YOU, you can also help others by tracking your miles with Charity Miles and choose a charity to give back to. Download the Charity Miles app today.

We look forward to logging miles with you and supporting YOU taking care of YOU. If you would like to join us, please do. Join the 5,000+ others who are already logging miles. Momma..YOU got this! #F4MMarathon Registration Link